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Asus Eee PC Gets Boot up in 5 Seconds While Running Linux!


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No, this is not a gimmick. It has really happened and it was done by two Intel engineers. They place that it took place is Linux Plumbers conference. So, you see that it was not Windows Operating system. How did they do it? Well, what I understand is that they omitted many of the unnecessary things from the start up process.

LWN.net wrote:

Step one was to make the budget. The kernel gets one second to start, including all modules. "Early boot" including init scripts and background tasks, gets another second. X gets another second, and the desktop environment gets two.

The kernel has to be built without initrd, which takes half a second with nothing in it. So all modules required for boot must be built into the kernel. "With a handful of modules you cover 95% of laptops out there," Arjan said. He suggested building an initrd-based image to cover the remaining 5%.

This shows that Linux operating system has a bright prospect in the laptop market. So, I confused to see the news that “Ubuntu Confirms Linux Netbook Returns Higher than Anticipated”. Using Linux always decreases the price of any laptop significantly. However, the problem is that most people are not familiar to Linux OS. So, it is a big dilemma for many companies and consumers.

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