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Charge Your Laptop Battery in 10 Minutes by Toshiba SCIB


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Toshiba has done very great job to solve one of big problems or limitations of laptop users. Most laptop users suffer from the slow charging of their laptop battery which can be a big trouble for many users specially the regular travelers.

Toshiba has made a great device called SCIB (Super Charge ion Battery) that can charge the 90% capacity of your laptop battery in only 10 minutes! Isn’t it amazing!

It means that when start charging your mobile phone and your laptop after 10 or 15 minutes you can easily take them with yourself out.

Unfortunately, this device is a prototype one now and I hope it to hit the shelves soon. Because I really need it!

Toshiba unveiled its SCIB during CEATEC 2008.

Source: aving.net

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