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New Version of Eee PC to Come with Touch Panel and Dual-core Atom in 2009


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Asus is going to change the route of Netbook laptops with its new version of Eee PC. However, It has started changing already by releasing Eee PC 901 with 3.75G modem later this month. The company is going to bring three new changes to its Eee PC line up in 2009.

-First of all it is changing the current screen on Eee PC with Touch screen. I think this is a good idea as Netbooks’ keyboards are not ideal for prolonged typing. So, when the keyboard brings discomfort for the user, he/she can navigate everything by touching the panel, instead.

-The second change that surely will come to all new versions of current Netbooks will be use of dual-core Atom CPU as soon as it can have access. In my earlier entry I have mentioned that Intel has initiated shipping of dual-core Atom 330.

-And the last change will be the price that I love it. Asus is going to “release a model priced less than NT$10,000 (US$307) during 2009” means it is helping the Netbook market to have good move toward cutting the price of mini laptops. Surely, If Asus can offer such a cheap netbook, there are many companies active in market that will try to challenge Asus with their cheaper upcoming Netbooks, as well.

Source: digitimes

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