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Asus B80A Laptop: A 14-inch Versatile Business Laptop Announced


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Asus has just announced Asus B80A based on Centrino 2- its new flagship laptop for its business notebook line up.

The system is a midsize 14.1-inches black laptop that comes with the powerful features, strong security, suite of connectivity options, and stylish build.

The laptop comes with the following highlight features:

- Variety of options for Core 2 Due processors (T9400/T5850/ P8600/P7350) and an option for SATA 250 GB, 7,200 rpm HDD
- Draft-N wireless and optional Built-in Bluetooth™ V2.1+EDR
- Built-in fingerprint reader and TPM-level security
- Built-in spill-proof (up to 50 cc of liquid) LED lighting keyboard
- Optional docking station
- 1.3MP webcam
- HDMI output

Well, the laptop actually comes with good features. However, of course it is not a high-end business laptop. If you are looking for a high-end and real versatile corporate laptop you can look for professional business laptops such as ThinkPad T400, thinkPad X300 and ThinkPad X200, Dell Latitude E4300 and MacBook Air.

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