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Classmate tablet or Netvertible or CTL 2go Tablet Hands-on; First Impressions


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As the market of Netbook-style laptops is very hot Intel has been trying to enter to this market from two aspects: in term of CPU- Intel has got a big success and you can find Intel’s Atom processors in most of Netbook in the market and in term of Netbook Intel was among the first companies that released its Classmate PC- a low-cost Netbook for children that is a good rival for OLPC. Intel has been developing its Classmate PC yet with the corporation of CTL.

CTL brought classmate PC 2 or 2go PC and it is also launching Classmate tablet or Netvertible or CTL 2go Tablet near future (in January 2009).

Classmate tablet or Netvertible or CTL 2go Tablet is an 8.9-inch convertible tablet that utilizes a 1.6GHz Atom 270 processor, 1GB of RAM, and a 60GB HDD. As you see this tablet is a kind of low-cost laptop or Netbook.
The system comes with a
spill-resistant keyboard, a good connectivity of 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, 2 USB ports, VGA out, and a mic and headphone jack, Ethernet, and an SD card slot.
The display is a touch screen one with 1024 x 600-resolution. It is responsive to Stylus and finger tips. There is a built-in webcam that rotates from back to front.

The basic configuration with running on Ubuntu Linux will be priced at $499 and with running on XP will cost $550.

Fortunately Laptop Magazine had its hands on a DVT sample unit which is close to final system. You can read the whole review and see the video of this Tablet PC in the original article. Here I have had just summerized the important points of the rundown. The write thinks that “most promising netbook with tablet capabilities on the market.”

- It comes with a small footprint; just slightly longer than Mini 9
- The keyboard is spill-resistant
- A good size touchpad with comfortable mouse buttons
- A durable laptop; the rubber bump around the bottom edge o make it resistant against any damage from falling, and a shock mounted hard drive
An attached handle
- The resistive touch screen is responsive
- You can adjust the screen orientation by just turning the Netbook
A Quick Launcher contains icons of preloaded applications


- Cramped keyboard
- It is nice for kid but not adults

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