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MacBook Trackpads, Software Patch and Steve Jobs Email


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We often hear that Steve Jobs is very good at marketing and he knows how to select winning gadgets. Well, it seems that Steve Jobs is also good at dealing with problems. Nearly, two weeks ago Apple Insider, wrote about the problem of the glass-made trackpad of new Macbooks and Mac Pros:

The new glass surface of the trackpad doesn't really look or feel like glass, but it does offer less resistance to your sliding finger when compared to the previous MacBook Pro's trackpad. As you slide your finger across the surface, there is less resistance than regular window glass; the new surface is even slicker than the polished face of the iPhone or the notebook's glossy glass screen. It feels like highly polished metal, or perhaps an enamel-glazed surface.

Yesterday, Apple Insider informed that Steve Jobs has emailed them and this problem is going to be taken care of very soon. For solving this problem, Apple is going to develop a software patch. So, the users will have to wait just a few more days.

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