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News Nokia E63 pops-up, will be cheaper than E71


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On and on, the Nokia E63 becomes a less mysterious device with the latest leak of details and decent photos. The rumored device will run on the Symbian v9.1, S60 v3.1 and will have a full QWERTY keyboard. Most importantly, however, it will be more affordable than its sibling Nokia E71.

Much of the information for the E63 comes from a public XML file to be found on the Nokia servers itself. The main characteristics of the phone include HSDPA support, QVGA 256K TFT display, Wi-Fi, 3.5mm AV jack, microSD card slot, Bluetooth and 2 MP camera.

If you are addicted to the solid metal looks of Nokia E71, the new star will be less attractive to you, as it is solely made of plastic. Other important piece of information reveals that the Nokia E63 will come in three variants: the E63-1 for Europe, the E63-2 will be camera-free for the corporate users, and E63-3 version for the American market.

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