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The Revamped MacBook Air with Nvidia Hands-on; Available For Purchase Now


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The new version of MacBook Air as I said before is only a revamped one and comes with many similarities with Mac Air Version 1.0. Of course the differences or changes that happened to the new Mac Air are impressive, as well. Anyway, this attractive and pricey laptop has hit the streets and is available for purchase.

MaR-advice has had his hands on a new Mac Book Air featuring 1.86 GHz processor, 128 GB SSD (Solid State Drive) and Nvidia GeForce 9400M and has shared his opinion in a long article consisting of several videos and pictures of this chic ultra laptop.

Here, I am just looking to amass the similarities and differences of previous iteration of Mac Air with the new one mentioned in the review briefly.

- They come with the same packaging
- The same design
- The same screen
- The same large trackpad and button design (means the glass track back is not available on MacBook Air laptops yet)

- The new one is a more powerful system than the previous version
- The Mini-display port installing on the new Mac Air; replaced the old Mini-DVI port available on the previous iteration.
- Being able to use the new four-finger swipe for expose and to easily change programs on the new Mac Air

The new Mac Air comes with the new features (that you can not find the on the previous one) including:
- The new NVIDIA 9400M graphics card that delivers 4X better performance and plays games more smoothly
- The better processor and DDR3 RAM
- A fast boot time about 25Sec
- No fan noise and no heat; The New Mac is a quiet laptop that doesn’t become warm either.

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