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Dell’s Inspiron Mini 9 and Mini 12 Turn into To Chic Netbooks by Artistic Designs


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If you are tired of simple plain designs that many laptops offer you can look for laptops with artistic paint designs that Dell has offered like Dell Studio 15 and 17 laptop or Inspiron 1525 art Edition with artistic designs. This time Dell is offering its new Mini 9 and Mini 12 Netbooks with paint designs by artist Tristan Eaton.

These two netbooks are available in five design patterns. A Mini netbook with one of these artistic designs costs $50 surplus more than Mini 9 and 12 with standard designs.

Even if you are interested about these modern designs, Mini 9 and 12 are available in red and pink colors now. If you remember Dell first launched these two colors in Japan.

Source: Electronista

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