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Acer: From Laptop to Smart Mobile Phones


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Acer Is now considered to be one of the top market the best in inexpensive laptop market segment. Its Eee PC Laptops dominated the market in 2008 and into the other nine, it is expected to be a very well too. Now, the company has decided to entire into the mobile phone market and has inaugurated eight mobile phone handsets in Barcelona this Monday. You know that it was the occasion of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The smart phones will be available to the consumers from next month or in April, 2009. All the handsets are touch-screen phones and they’re designed is excellent and most of all, they are all good for having access to high speed Internet connection with Wi-Fi technology.

DX900, F900, M900 and X960 are the names of some of the models from Acer smart phones. I’m interested to see how the smart phones from Acer company do into in the mobile phone market. And Dell is also joining this market and it already looks very crowded to me.

I wonder when we will be able to buy the handsets in South Asia. Here is an entry about mobile phone sector of India: Top Indian Mobile Phone Operators: Tata Tele Services Limited

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