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Economic Recession: Asus Changes Plan for 2009


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Do you have any doubt that the global economy is now officially in recession? You should not have because 300,000 workers have already lost jobs in major technology related companies around the world. Asus announced its plan for 2009 on a two months ago in December, 2008. At the time they had some lofty goals of 6.5 million laptops, 7.2 million (inexpensive) netbooks and 22 million motherboards. I mean that they wanted to Have the studded of selling these amount of laptops, netbooks and motherboards in 2009.

Now, that decision makers at Asus have agreed that the condition is not favorable for the global economy and it is clear that they would not be able to sell so many things in just one year under the circumstances. So, they have announced new applauded and this time and they’re not going for an analyst added but they have talked about what they want to achieve in the first quarter. In the first quarter, they want to sell 800,000 laptops, 1 million netbooks and 5 million motherboards.

So, it is clear that they have decided to be very careful in 2009 and they may have a better year in 2008. I think that it is a very wise decision from Asus.

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