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HTC Magic coming to Vodafone as soon as this April


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It's known under many names - HTC Sapphire, HTC Magic, even the G2. Android's second coming is going to be in April when the HTC Magic will be available through Vodafone.

The official announcement of the HTC Magic was only this February and it's already set to launch in April.

There have been a lot of rumors floating around the Internet regarding a successor to the T-Mobile G1 - and a lot of them turned out to be false. There are also photos of a T-Mobile branded Magic, though there's nothing official just yet. Chances are that it will be sold in the US as the T-Mobile G2, but Vodafone will retain exclusivity over the Android device on the Old Continent.

HTC Magic HTC Magic HTC Magic HTC Magic HTC Magic
HTC Magic

The HTC Magic is very similar to the HTC Dream, the most obvious difference being the lack of hardware keyboard. This means less weight - the HTC Magic has shed a good 40 grams, and it's thinner too. Other, less obvious but welcome changes, are the improved battery life (just over two hours of talk time more), twice the ROM (it's now 512 MB) and an extra HSDPA band (900 in addition to 2100).

The pricing of the new Vodafone HTC Magic is not yet announced but we won't have to wait too long to find that out. While you wait, you can check our overview of what HTC presented at the 2009 MWC, complete with live photos.

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