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Bright Future of Windows 7 between Blur Futures of Vista


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From the very first days Windows 7 emerged in public, there was no serious complaint, but many praises were heard about it. Even it was run on slow empowered netbooks with short memory several times and each time the result was satisfactory and good. This is exactly opposite of the reaction public showed about Vista from very beginning of its appearance in public.

Now the question is that after experiment of very cold welcome to Vista and the a lot of greeting to Windows 7 , for How many months will Microsoft keep the transition period from Vista to Windows 7 after availability of Ultimate version of Win 7?

According to PC World, Microsoft will try to stop selling Vista once Win 7 will be available in the market, although the MS’s time frame for Vista is “stopping support of all versions of Vista in April 2012”:

This time Microsoft aims to put the ghosts of its Vista troubles to rest as soon as possible, and could stop selling Vista as soon as Windows 7 is released.

Microsoft appears to be betting that Vista won't be missed once Windows 7 is released.

One smart thing Microsoft has done about Windows 7 is providing a Virtual space of Windows XP Mode to allow the users to use their XP software applications which will not be compatible with Windows 7 yet.

This big support for many users and companies who have kept their Windows XP yet and not upgraded to Vista will help them out to upgrade to Windows 7 without any delay and nagging!

Another important feature that Windows 7 has ( in the following XP) is its fast performance and supporting slow and empowered computers. In this economic turndown that people have more tendency to budget-friendly slower laptops and computers, Windows 7 will best option after the old Windows XP.

So, do you think Microsoft will keep selling Vista for long time as soon as releasing Windows 7?

I don’t think so!

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