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Intel’s make a Survey that: 60% of Companies Don’t Upgrade Their PCs!


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Economic recession has been derived some good and bad outcomes in computer sector. For instance, one of the resultant of economic downturn is emerge of more budget-friendly standard laptops with better quality and feature set like 15.6-in HP ProBook 4510s laptop or ultra slim MSI X340 laptop that will be powered later with upcoming cheaper Intel CULV processor, or HP dv2 powered by low-cost AMD Neo processor.

Well, the bad side of this condition is huge drop-off of PC upgrade by companies and enterprises to new Core 2 Duo or Quad computers and vPro technology what Intel launched in 2006!

According to Intel’s survey, in the last 6 months out of 106 North American companies with minimum number of 5000 employees and European companies with 2500 number of staff, only 32% of them upgraded their desktop computers!

And according to Jack Gold- an independent analyst, only 10% up to 15% of enterprises have upgraded and equipped their computers with vPro technology!

Intel blames this policy done by enterprises as the major reason dipping its revenues in recent months.

To solve this Issue, Intel has done a research that shows the expenditure of upgrading desktop computers to equip them with vPro security and management technology can be recuperated in 10 months for large companies.

This is good news for enterprises, but everybody doesn’t agree to this research.

PC World explained:

One analyst, however, said such ROI figures apply only to a limited set of firms and do not encompass other costs of PC upgrades, such as buying or upgrading new software licenses, something many companies have also been delaying.

This analyze seems more reasonable as the two surveys show the same fact that upgrading hardware causes other sorts of upgrades that add much more expenditure than it shows apparently.

What do you think? Do you agree with Intel or confirm the current policy of delaying by companies? We would love to hear your opinions. Please share it with us in the comment section.

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