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Android running LG Etna found on Vodafone stand at IFA 2009


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So far LG are among the few of the majors that still haven't dipped their toes in the Android game. Well, it seems the LG Etna will be their first pool lap as it was caught frolicking at the Vodafone booth at IFA.

Surprisingly someone stumbled upon on the LG Etna running on the mobile Google OS. LG Etna has 3-inch touchscreen display, a 5 megapixel camera and five-row QWERTY keyboard - not bad at all. The connectivity options are mystery, but we guess it will come with 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth at least.

LG Etna was rumored for several months now as an Android upgrade of the popular LG KS360. In reality, it does resemble LG KS360, especially in blurry photos, but it now seems it will be a different device.

technically, the LG Etna is not the first Android-based LG, since the GW880 for China Mobile leaked a week ago. The GW880 is only touch controlled with WVGA 3.5-inch screen, without keyboard, sporting similar camera and a GPS. However both devices are still not officially announced so they should still be considered as pending at least.

LG Etna will be available in Germany sometime before Christmas. There is no word for other countries or the pricing.

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