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Nokia 8800 Symbian operating Erdos, has 5MP camera, Wi-Fi, and GPS


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Nokia 8800 series of phones luxury always focused on high quality materials and superior quality of construction, while holding back on the paper specifications. With the Nokia 8800 Erdos this reputation is about to change.

First off, "Erdos" is just a code name so expect to be changed at some point. The second - and this will not be trade. Mobile commerce has had pretty much the same design, differing only in the articles. Erdos and 8800 changes not only in design but also the way they are built phones.

It will be Nokia Ardos body constructed from a single piece of "magic solution". This talk is what seems to marketing stainless steel, so you probably can not kill a werewolf with it, but outside the body chiseled from a single piece of metal is all the rage with laptops and high-end ridiculously expensive luxury phones.

Erdos screen is not covered by regular scratch-proof glass, instead of sapphire, which is the usual weapon of choice in such cases. Glass, which covers the silver screen when turned on although the display is out, and give the impression that the phone is a single sheet of stainless steel. On the screen itself is a unit with a resolution OLED [QVGA and country of 2.4 inches.

And high-end design of the Nokia 8800 Erdos includes a feature unique, but also - it's a slider like the rest of the brothers, but the keyboard to raise the level of the display when you slide it out. This should make the top row of keys within the reach of much more than that.

Looks good already, but we have not even gotten to the good part so far - and the Nokia 8800 Erdos is the first of the breed to be perfect on the smartphone. And will run the Symbian S60 operating system and feature Wi-Fi and A to select locations. Internal memory is 8GB, although there is no memory card slot.

The camera is the best in the luxury category with a 5 megapixel Carl Zeiss lens with autofocus. There are dual LED flash too.

Rounding specification is a reasonable size-ROM from the phone. Erdos and 8800 measures 116.9 x 50,3 x 15.0 mm, in spite of its weight is kept to silence, silence. There is also a dedicated noise reduction microphone on the back.

Erdos Nokia 8800 will be available in October with a tri-band GSM (900/1800/1900) and dual-band 3G/HSPA. Price is the other thing missing from the rumored specifications, although this could easily be the highest price point of the gold trade.

Oh, and here's a video to give you a better impression of the design:

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