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Samsung to produce the first Vodafone-LiMo-based operating system device


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The leaked images you’re about to see in a second aren’t simply some images of a still unannounced device. They are pictures of a device that's first of its kind - a full touch phone with Linux Mobile OS - and it comes from Vodafone, straight from the heart of the well-forgotten LiMo foundation.

LiMo LiMo

Samsung will produce Vodafone's first LiMo based device

We're short of detailed info about the new Samsung phone but we do know the LiMo based device will feature an OLED touchscreen with haptic feedback, 8-megapixel snapper and access to the upcoming Vodafone People service.

Vodafone people will feature things like active contacts, location-based services and access to social networks. So, Android (which is based on Linux OS as well), better prepare for a battle 'cos Vodafone are hiding some strong cards in their sleeves.

LiMo LiMo LiMo

A closer look

Word on the street is the device is actually the Samsung I8305 Riedel, which was Wi-Fi certified recently and might be unveiled on 24th September in London. We guess, we'll do the waiting then.

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