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Lonovo Initiates Shipping IdeaPad S10 Mini Laptop


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Lenovo has started shipping its rock IdeaPad S10 mini laptop earlier than the date it announced a few past days for, not to keep its consumers more waiting.

Lenovo is shipping both White and black models. However, some folks have mentioned that the ship date of their mini laptops have been postponed after October.

The 10.2" IdeaPad S10 min laptop looks similar to Eee PC 1000h or MSI Wind PC but it has two big differences. For instance, all of them are powered by Atom CPU, SSD or HDD storage or they feature Wi-Fi. The differences include:

IdeaPad S10 provides much bigger storage than the other ones.

IdeaPad S10 is the only mini laptop or net book that features Express card slot.

Via: Engadget

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