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Sony VAIO TT the Successor of VAIO TZ?


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Sony VAIO- VGN TT laptop line up is a new laptop brand that apparently is going to take the place of VAIO TZ series.

According to the source, Sony is releasing more information about this new laptop line up tomorrow. However, from the FCC document it is found that VAIO TT, will come in three specific model including PCG-4Q1L, PCG-4Q3L, and PCG-4Q4L.

The VAIO TT series will have probably the same 11.1" display as the TZ. They will also have 802.11a/b/g/n, Bluetooth, and the PCG-4Q1L will provide EVDO (WWAN).

Sony TZ notebook series-the successor of VAIO TX are ultraportable laptops with 2.25 lbs of weight that come with LED backlit screen. Sony TZ laptops offer stylish design, high performance, durability, very good screen, long battery life and high security at once together.

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