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Blackberry Storm gets official, Vodafone and Verizon split the deal


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After tons of info leaked already, the Blackberry Storm finally got the official treatment. It will be sold exclusively by Vodafone in Europe and Verizon Wireless in the US. Telus in Canada will also be pushing the device to local customers.

The Blackberry Storm is the first touchscreen device by BlackBerry. It's got a spanking new user interface, which as it seems is fluid enough to compete the Apple iPhone with an ease.

We already showed you the first official images of the device and its user interface and we even topped that with a Vodafone commercial video yesterday.

Now that the Blackberry Storm is finally announced and the specs are all clear, it turns out that it doesn't pack Wi-Fi functionality as rumored.

The Blackberry Storm 9500 will be sold through Vodafone networks and will be free on monthly plans of 35 GBP and up with an 18-month contract.

The Blackberry Storm 9530 is the variant of the handset that will be sold in North America. Along with the quad-band GSM and 2100Mhz UMTS support that the 9500 model has, it will also offer CDMA2000 1xEV-DO support.

Blackberry Storm Blackberry Storm
Blackberry Storm 9530

The Blackberry Storm is not yet available for purchase, but it should be soon.

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