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Global Economic Slowdown: Apple vs Windows Laptop Computers


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I just finished reading an interesting analyses in New York Times: Economy, more than Apple, leads to Windows laptop price drops. It talked about the price cuts that windows based laptop computers are having these days. Apple recently launched some laptops and there was rumor that the company could go for inexpensive laptops. Steve Jobs is perhaps still confident that there are many diehard supporters of Apple products and they don’t mind paying some more money for iPods, iPhones, Macbooks etc.

Unfortunately, the laptop makers you who depend on windows operating system cannot have the same level of confidence such as Steve jobs and there are perhaps a bit worried to see the global economic slowdown. The holiday season is almost there but most people are not thinking of shopping at this moment. They are worried about the future. They do not know whether a long-term global recession will come or not. So, they would not think of spending too much money on windows based laptop computers.

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