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How to Deal with Mini 9 Netbook with 16GB SSD and pre-installed with Unbuntu


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There are several reports about a problem was faced by the Mini 9 users who own Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Netbook featuring 16GB SSD and Ubuntu OS. These users have mentioned that although they had ordered 16GB SSD, they could see and use mere 4GB of storage.

If you have faced the same problem, this entry will be useful for you..

Well, there is a small problem has happened here that you can solve it very easily. First of all if you look at the BIOS you will see the 16GB SSD. But the thing that has been occurred here is only 4GB out of 16GB have been partitioned and the rest of it means the 12GB is unused partition.

The solution is only repartitioning the whole storage again. Well, Dell is a top-tired manufacturer and it is expected to be more careful about these simple small problems. These things are small but can easily damage the reputation of the company.

Fortunately, Dell has corrected this problem and the new Mini 9 Netbooks shipping with 8GB and 16GB SSD don’t have this problem anymore.

Source: Dell idea storm

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