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Nehalem Core i7 CPU to Come Out in November; Laptop Version end of 2009?


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This is good news to see Nehalem Core i7 desktop CPU in the market next month. Surely many benchmark analysis and reviews will come out after that and we will get quite acquainted to Intel’s latest CPUs. But the bad news is that we will not have hands-on the Nehalem mobile version codenamed Clarksfield until late 2009.

In my earlier entry I mentioned that “Nehalem is the first microarchitecture that will give Intel a lot of freedom to “easily scale up and down clocks and threads, and add capabilities like graphics and other accelerators to future cores”.

Improving the performance by Turbo mode will be one of the advantages that users can get from Nehalem. Turbo mode will be used in future processors to reroute power and improve performance.”

Nehalem and of course Core i7 and Clarksfield uses the same 45-nanometer technology that you can find in Centrino 2 processors, but it comes with different chip design than any of Intel's processors available in the market today.

According to PC World, “The most significant improvement is the move to combine the processor with the memory controller hub, which connects the processor to main memory, on a single piece of silicon. This feature, which is already available on processors from rival Advanced Micro Devices, should offer much faster access to data than is possible with Intel's current chips.”

Source: PC World

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