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October 14th: The Day of Many New Mac Laptops and a Cheap $800 Mac


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Apple has not updated its Laptop lines up since Intel Centrino 2 was released in June 2008. While every laptop maker tried to make a low-cost Netbook for the attractive market, Apple has stayed silent until now. However, this stillness will be broken with a lot of surprising and buzzes on October 14th because Apple will show off its all updated Mac laptops and an inexpensive Mac with the price tag of $800.

Surely, Steve Jobs is going to surprise us with some new features added to updated Mac laptops that will really promote the performance and applications of them. Also, if the $800 Mac laptop comes with the same good-looking and modern design that other Mac wear; it will really catch the attention of market to itself.

According to pcper, the updated Centrino 2 based Mac laptops must adopt “NVIDIA’s long-developed MCP79 chip” rather than the Intel integrated graphics card. This way the updated Mac will have more ability of playing 3D Games, and giving more hands to operate specific programs like Photoshop and Premiere.

The MCP79 chip features “DX10 graphics core with support for HybridPower and HybridSLI technologies as well as HDMI, 1066 MHz front-side bus, both DDR2 and DDR3 memory and much more” while Intel Integrated Graphics card is very poor in terms of playing games.

Also, the second speculation of pcper is that Apple will use the integrated Nvidia GeForce 9400 and 9300 chipsets based on the MCP79 that will be released on October 15th; exactly one day after Apple’s event in its a new 13" MacBook, 15" MacBook Pro and MacBook Air as well as using GeForce 9600 in Pro model too.

So, October 14th will be a very exciting day for Mac’s aficionados. The Mac laptops have started to feel outdated and everyone feels that this refreshing is really necessary now. Surely Apple will bring out a lot of news for us to compensate its long delay।

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