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Some Leaked-Pictures of Apple’s Upcoming Laptops; Real or Not Real?


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Although Apple laptops have their dedicated fans, Apple has stayed silent for long time and didn’t release neither any new laptop for back-to-school market nor any Netbook for the over-crowded market of low-cost mini laptops. However, some rumors have been started and some snaps of Apple’s upcoming laptops have been leaked in web.

Yesterday, Macrumors published three more pictures of up coming MacBook cases. From the pictures you can not find out whose case of MacBook Pro or MacBook Air can be.

Well, the main matter is that how much these shots can be true. Or, they may be some misinformation to attract people for visiting the websites.

Well, it is like a tradition that first some rumors come out before Apple releases its new laptops but my earlier experiences have shown me not to give importance to this information. These rumors don’t usually depict the reality and they are not the laptops that Apple releases later.

For example, before Macbook Air released, several rumors had come out that depicted totally another laptop which had no similarity with the current Macbook Air like the following reports:

Speculations on Apple’s New Products: a Multi-Touch Screen UMPC for 2008?

So, I think it is better we wait more patiently until Apple itself releases the new laptops.

Do you agree with me?

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