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Two Hot contrasting Rumors about NVIDIA!


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NVIDIA is a very famous name in chipset business. It provides chipset for AMD products and other companies. Recently, there were some rumors about NVIDIA chipset business. To be honest with you, I got really shocked to see the two rumors.

The first rumor is that NVIDIA- world's largest graphics chipset maker gets out of chipset business because, it is incurring some loss. This speculation was denied by NVIDIA officials a few weeks ago. However, the rumor has come back strongly.

Daily Tech reported:

In August, rumors started to circulate that NVIDIA would be leaving the chipset business. NVIDIA strongly denied these rumors and said that the reports were false. NVIDIA pointed to the fact that it held 60% of the chipset market for AMD platforms in Q2 2008, SLI was the preferred multi-GPU platform, and its 790i SLI chipset was preferred by editors worldwide as reasons the rumor were false.

The second rumor even is more interesting. According to this rumor, NVIDIA is going to provide graphics chipset for MacBooks. MacBook and MacBook Air laptops are run with Intel chipset. So, it will be interesting to see if Apple really go for NIVIDA chipset in its popular laptops MacBooks.

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