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Compaq cq 50 139wm: The Perfect Laptop for Xmas?


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I was surprised to find compaq cq 50 139wm in Google Trends just a few minutes ago. If you visit Google Trends right now, you will see that this laptop is now the third and 7th most searched items. People are also searching with the following keyboards:

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When I visited WalMart website, then I found the following picture:

So, you can see that WalMart is offering HP Compaq cq 50 139wm for just $298. Yes, you are right. It is less than $300! So, now, I am sure that you are excited to know the specification of this laptop.

The system comes with the following features:
- CPU: AMD Turion X2 mobile processor RM-70 / 2 GHz
- Memory: max up to 3GB
- Hard Drive: 160GB HDD
-Optical drive: DVD Drive
Weight: 6.4 lbs

This is a laptop that will surely give all the laptop makers run for their money. I think that it is only more expensive than OLPC laptops. Except OLPC, it can compete with everyone in terms of price. You have to remember that there is a global economic slowdown at this moment. Many people in the US have lost their jobs in the last few months. We have just seen one after another bad news about world economy. So, what is needed at this moment is perhaps low cost laptops like Compaq cq 50 139wm. It has all the good things that you look in a notebook.

Some people may complain that the processing power is not that good. However, can you find anything better with $300? I don’t think so. What I like about Compaq cq 50 139wm is that it is perhaps the next best thing to a standard laptop but with the price of $300.

We have talked a lot about ASUS Eee PC and other low cost netbooks. However, the netbooks have one big problem: absence of standard display. Compaq cq 50 139wm has everything ideal- almost ideal. It comes with DVD drive, full size keyboard, huge storage and big display.

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