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CPU Test: Dual-core Atom 330 vs. Single-core Atom N270 vs. VIA C7


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comparisons with VIA C7, VIA Nano or Isaiah, Intel Celeron M and Intel Core 2 Due U7600. You can read about these tests in the following entries:
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-2nd Test: Atom vs. Celeron M 353 vs. Core 2 Duo U7600; Wind PC vs. Eee PC 900
-VIA Nano L2100 vs. Intel Atom 230: Real Competition between Two Cheap Makers
-Test Four: VIA Nano CPU vs. Atom Processor: Nano Really Better than Atom!

Also already, I have mentioned a simple test done over Atom 330 that you can read about it here:
Intel Outsets Shipping Dual Core Atom 330; Atom 330 Hands- on: two better than One

This time PCPro could do several tests on dual-core Atom 330 and comare the results with Atom N270 and VIA C7 processors. The results are really interesting. Here I will mention them briefly.

Atom 330 is designed specifically for nettops, which are affordable desktops purpose-built primarily for web surfing, email, and basic Internet usage. The dual-core Atom 330 features a 1.6GHz processing core, 1MB of level 2 cache, an 8W TDP and support for DDR2 667MHz.

PCPro has done its tests on Atom 330 set on an improved mini-ITX motherboard that is equipped with a 7,200rpm SATA hard disk and 1GB of DDR2 RAM running on Windows XP with SP3.

Here are the benchmark results:

-Overall results: Atom 330 performs only 16% faster than Atom N270.
-Office 2003 tests: Atom 330 stayed behind Atom N270 and VIA C7 respectively.
-2D graphics tests: Atom 330 performed 41% better than Atom N270 and 70% better than VIA C7
-Encoding tests: Atom 330 scored 18% better than N720 and 39% much better than the VIA.
-Multitasking tests: Atom 330 performed 47% faster than Atom N270 and Atom N270 performed 44% better than VIA C7.

The nice part is that Atom 330 could do well the processor-intensive tasks, but the writer of article has asked very important question about the battery life. Although Atom 330 performs closer to the CPU that is used in a standard laptop, the battery life will be a critical part by it. The Atom 330 drains battery double than single-core Atom N270. So, the Netbook using Atom 330 will deliver half battery life than the current Netbooks utilizing Atom N270. Even now, users like to have longer battery life on their Eee PC or Aspire One, or Wind PC. so, Will Atom 330 be a as successful CPU as Atom N270 in the market or will it become more popular among nettops, which are affordable desktops purpose-built primarily for web surfing, email, and basic Internet usage?

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