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Good News for Laptop Users: ARM and Canonical Joining Hands


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I thought that it was a bad news for Microsoft as this joining hands of ARM and Canonical would promote the use of Linux OS in laptops. However, it seems that Intel has something to worry too. ARM makes small powered processors and it is successful in its field. Now, ARM bosses feel that netbooks can be the perfect niche for them as netbooks need inexpensive processors to keep the cost down.

From a press release:

The combination of a commercially supported, optimized Ubuntu distribution for ARM, together with Canonical's ability to tailor solutions to specific ARM technology-based devices and OEM requirements, ensures that highly-optimized systems can be rapidly deployed into the fast growing mobile computing market. ARM's wide partnership with leading semiconductor and device manufacturers strengthens the mobile computing software ecosystem and extends the market reach for Ubuntu-based products.

"The release of a full Ubuntu desktop distribution supporting latest ARM technology will enable rapid growth, with internet everywhere, connected ultra portable devices," said Ian Drew, vice president of Marketing, ARM. "The always-on experience available with mobile devices is rapidly expanding to new device categories such as netbooks, laptops and other internet connected products. Working with Canonical will pave the way for the development of new features and innovations to all connected platforms."

I will be happy if this move helps to reduce the price of netbooks. Well, most people living in third world countries still cannot afford to buy a laptop.

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