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Laptop Data Theft of Baylor Health


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When I see this kind of news, I really feel it scared and sympathetic for the people who are at risk from this kind of laptop data theft. I really wish that this kind of incident can be totally avoided by all the companies. Baylor Health say two months ago that a laptop was stolen. Now, they’re saying that the secret information of 7,400 patients is at risk of falling into the wrong hand.

Computer World wrote:

HealthTexas Provider Network Inc., a subsidiary of Dallas-based Baylor Health Care System, is notifying about 7,400 patients of the potential compromise of their Social Security numbers and other personal information after a laptop containing the data was stolen in September.

It is also contacting an additional 100,000 people whose records on the laptop contained a "limited amount" of health information -- though not Social Security numbers, Baylor said in a statement yesterday.

This is something that isn’t really unacceptable but it has happened and now the government should come forward to find out the stolen laptop so that they can recover the data and the data cannot be abused.

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