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LG KC560 surfaces - did someone say tacky or what?


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The LG KC560 handset leaked today with a supposed release date just in time for the holidays. Having multimedia as its key element the LG KC560 does have some… okay let's call them interesting design solutions.

For one, the phone has a golden D-pad and back panel. There are also several LEDs at the bottom of the front panel of the slider that blink when there is an incoming call. Is it us or the Samsung M7500 Emprio Armani may as well start trembling with fear?

Anyway, putting the imposing looks aside, the LG KC560 has quite a decent package of extras on board. There is a 3 megapixel autofocus snapper and a 2.4" 262K color QVGA display. Some of the other features include tri-band GSM support, FM radio, USB, Bluetooth and a microSD card slot.

LG KC560
LG KC560

The LG KC560 is expected to cost between 300 and 350 US dollars (230-270 euro) when it eventually becomes available.

Meanwhile three new versions of already announced LG handsets appeared in what seems to be the week of bad taste over at the Korean manufacturer.

The LG KF300, KF510 and KF750 are all receiving their own gold-plated carbon copies. Save for the looks nothing has been changed in those new versions.


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