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Media Support Contributing to the Success of OLPC


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Western media houses are often criticized as being too much commercial. There is surely a lot of justification behind this criticism. Most of the time, they go for sensationalism and sex and violence are the two topics that they show all the time for earning money. Well, it is nice to see that American main stream media has come in support of OLPC. They have donated air time and ad space. It is helping to spread the message of OLPC. The main goal of OLPC is to bridge the digital divide by giving laptops in the hands of very poor children.

OLPC laptops are less than $200 but it is still very expensive for most people living in the third world countries. So, the give one get one program needs a lot of support from Europe and America. It is great that western media is helping in this regard and encouraging people to support OLPC.

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