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Nvidia and VIA Technologies Suspended Cooperation Plan on Netbook Platform


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Nvidia and VIA Technologies have recently announced the suspension of their cooperation agreement, made in April this year for developing a platform for netbooks and Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs). As per this agreement, VIA's C7 and Nano CPUs as well as Nvidia’s MCP79 IGP chipsets would have been used together in order to make a platform for netbooks and Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs).

VIA Technologies is one of the leading manufacturers of integrated circuits in the world, while NVIDIA is widely-known for manufacturing graphics-processor technologies. So, when the two companies had decided to work together in April for developing such a platform, it became newspaper headline. Now, they have decided not to work together on this platform. However, VIA Technologies has confirmed that it would continue its cooperation with Nvidia in different other projects and the two companies would launch jointly-developed desktop PC products at CSE 2009 technology tradeshow.

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