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Sony battery Recall: 100,000 Sony Batteries Used in Laptops for Fire Hazard


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Sony again has started its old story of Battery recalling. This time 100,000 laptops from different manufacturers are affected. Because of the fear on overheating and fire hazard, Sony has recalled its ion-batteries used in 74,000 HP laptops, about 14000 Toshiba laptops, and few thousands Acer, Dell and Lenovo electronic devices which were sold between 2004 and 2005. It is also said that two thirds of these laptops were sold out of the US.

The batteries were manufactured by Sony Energy Devices Corporation, of Japan which is one of the subsidiaries of Sony.

Additionally, Sony recalled 73000 VAIO TZ laptops for the fear on overheating early last month. These news items about battery overheating that time to time come to Web are really disappointing. Especially, many of these news items are linked to Sony’s battery.

Anyway, you can see the list of the affected laptop lines up here.

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