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Apple is Pushed to Launch a $600 Netbook-Like Laptop in H1 2009


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Apple is famous for its stylish high-priced productions like Mac laptops. Apple is proud of it. And it has always shown that it wants to keep this strategy all the time. However, nowadays the economic recession has changed the strategies of all Companies and consumers in the terms of production and shopping. Nowadays consumers prefer to save more money than looking for fashionable chic ones as they did in past.

So far, Apple has tried to show that it doesn’t care what is happening these days and still wants to keep sticking to its strategy. if you remember that last month Apple CEO Steve Jobs emphasized how much Apple was reluctant to produce a Netbook as it looked like a piece of junk for Apple.

So, this is really shocking news to hear that Apple is going to launch its first netbook with the price of $599 in first half of 2009. However, Apple has tried alot convince us that their upcoming low-cost laptop is not exactly a netbook, but it only resembles a netbook!

Computer World reported:

Apple won't compete directly with netbooks on price or size, Gottheil maintained, but will have to respond with something he characterized as an "entry-level notebook" that could compete with the $300-$500 price tags of most netbooks.

According to the source, Apple’s Netbook will be a MacBook-like laptop to come with lighter-weight and slenderer thickness and it will be “more paper-sized, with more screen than most netbooks”. Apple will try to keep its way of designing chic chassis for laptops for its netbook as well.
The Macbook –like Netbook will feature a touch-enabled screen and a flash memory rather than a standard hard drive plus extra online data storage.

I think this is really important news for the market of Netbooks. As Apple revolutionized the design of ultra portable laptops by introducing its Macbook Air, there is a possibility that Apple creates the same sense in the market of Netbooks. Therefore, if it happens we will expect emergence of new category of low-price laptops or a new category of netbooks with slightly higher prices but much more various attractive designs.

The second matter is that whether the new budget Macbook–like laptop to become the serious competitor to the current MacBooks.

And in the end the third matter is so far, we have seen that Although Mac laptops are expensive ones, they are very popular in the market and have their particular fans. The upcoming Apple’s netbooks will be more expensive than all the most successful netbooks in the market today. If Apple’s netbook can create the same wave for itself in the market, will Apple overtake Asus and Acer in the terms of netbook sales?

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