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Dell Inspiron 1425 Leaks into Dell’s Website; Hitting the Market Soon?


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Dell Inspiron 1425- a revamp version of Dell Inspiron 1420 is a new laptop that has been spotted into the Dell website. Dell has published two safety sheets that explain two models of upcoming Inspiron 1425 with the codenames of FT01 and FT02. Apparently, Inspiron 1425 comes with most features of the current Inspiron 1420. However, the new version will be slimmer and lighter. There is more information about these laptops but this introduction shows that this laptop should come out soon. So, surely we will know more about this laptop in a next few days.

Dell Inspiron 1420 is one of the best cheap laptops that Dell has offered so far. This laptop offers an endless array of configurations and accessories to cover all different types of users, from the elementary school student, typical home user through to the mobile professional who need a terrific deal and more powerful business system than the Dell Latitude D430, or a more gaming capable than the Latitude D630.

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