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How to active the HP Mini 1000’s 3G modem


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So far, we have been waiting to see the new upcoming model of HP’ Mini 1000 netbook with 3G support in December onwards, but today a member of Pocketables forum has shown us how to get 3G from this current Mini 1000! Well the way he has descried is very easy however, it is clear that he had spent a lot of time to acquire this information. Now he is enjoying its At&T 3G on his Mini 1000. If you are interested you just need to act to his guideline step by step.

According to this netbook user, first you need to enable the hidden built-in 3G modem under the cover. For this you have to download HP Multi-WWAN Driver Installer. After downloading, unzip the file, and install it. Trunof your netbook, inster your card and turn on your laptop again. You must be able to use your 3G modem now.

Well, I don’t know whether all the current HP Mini 1000 Netbooks come with this built-in 3G modem. And I don’t understand if users can enable the 3G on their Mini 1000 why should we wait for the upcoming Mini 1000 with 3G support?

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