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MacBooks & Mac Pros Only Deliver the Max Performance When Battery Present


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Apple’s New MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops have been welcomed warmly since releasing. However, these two popular laptops come with some odd problems that rarely you can face them using laptops form other brands. So far there are many complaints against the glossy screen and some against the keyboard have been posted by MB and MBP users to engadget. Well, it seems this is not the only problems that many users have had so far.

There is a new and important problem have been discovered by gearlog. The story is that If you wish for acquire the best performance from your new MB or MBP you will have to leave your battery in the machine all the time and never go through mere A/C just for extending the lifetime of your battery.

The Cinebench R10 test have been tried on a MBP once with Battery and another time one MBP without battery. The margin of two scores was significant!
The first test attained a score of 5,549 while the second test showed much lower score of 3,504. Means that the system with the battery removed will show 37% performance decrease.

The interesting part is that Apple has already mentioned this problem in its Apple's support Web site. However it has tried to show that it is not a significant issue. My only question is that when a consumer spends heft money on a well-known machine from a well-reputation company, is it really worthy to face these kinds of problems? We never expect that well-known companies like Apple put their consumers in such odd conditions after spending trust and good sum of money.

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