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HP’s MIE Linux Distro Made for Mini 1000 Runs on Aspire One Pretty well


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As you Know, HP released its exclusive Linux OS MIE Linux Distro which is a nice variant of Ubuntu for its own netbook HP Mini 1000. If you have Mini 1000 and would like to run this Open source OS you can download the drivers from here.

But there are always computer enthusiasts who love to test new things on their computing devices. This time a curious user- Dan from Dan's Web installed the drivers of HP’s MIE Linux Distro on its Acer Aspire one netbook and has made a video of it that you can watch after the break.

Except missing of an audio driver, other drivers were installed on Aspire one well and the Linux OS ran on the netbook pretty well, too. He could easily use its network connectivity including WiFi and even Bluetooth. He thinks using this Linux OS is quite easy for Windows users.

One big problem with this HP’s MIE is downloading of a big file.

Via: engadget

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