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Sakshat $30: laptop or storage device?


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Well, I really do not like this matter and at all Indian government. I expected them to be serious and professional when they announced that they are going to make a laptop of $20. Even in the price of laptop was more. It was not a problem because the same thing happened with $100 OLPC project. The OLPC project could not cut the cost and work forced to make it more than $170. So, there is nothing wrong or problem about it. However, the funny thing is that 2-3 days, Indian government show displayed Sakshat which in fact not a laptop but a storage device and its price will not given $10. Its price will be $30. I really can not understand what is a relationship with between storage device and a laptop. So, it is very bad publicity for Indian manufacturing sector. You should know that India is not famous for its manufacturing and this goes to China. So, Indian government is trying very hard to attract the manufacturing companies from Europe and America to come and set up plans in India and this can ensure a lot of jobs for the Indian people. However, this 77 set back will surely discourage some leading companies about this matter. Another project that has got a lot of publicity is world cheapest car TATA nano but the reality is that TATA nano is yet to come to the market and there is no sign that when it will come.

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