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Sales of Apple notebooks is declining: Can we expect Apple netbook?


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In this time of recession, who would think of buying an expensive notebook? That is the problem that gripped Apple's notebook sales. A research firm named ChangeWave conducted a survey and it was found out that the percentage of respondents who were about to buy a new notebook in the next 90 days has come down to 28%. Compared to the data of November 2008, there was a drop of six percentage points. The same data also revealed that the percentage of respondents planning to buy a notebook fell from 8% to 6% on the whole. In the next three months, the percentage of people planning to spend more on consumer electronics will hit the lowest point. Even in this time, Apple's notebook sales are growing at a rate of 34% per year. Unfortunately, the company saw a steep decline in demand of its iMac computers in the last few months.

ChangeWave also reported that financial difficulty increased the demand of cheap netbooks. This is the market segment where Apple has not stepped in yet. The main problem is although the years, Apple has been making high-end consumer products and it was the best in the business. Products like Macbook, iPhone, iPod have devoted customer following and they have created a unique industry benchmark, but in the time financial difficulty, people have checked their spending habits and Apple is also feeling the heat. In the last quarter, Apple avoided the loss by neutralizing its desktop sales. In this quarter, a loss is unavoidable unless, Apple decides to get into the inexpensive netbook market. Apple is still holding on to its "wait and see" approach.

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