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Windows 7: Is Microsoft making it a joke?


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I wonder whether Microsoft is really making Windows 7 a joke or not because it is releasing the version with 6 editions. I can not think of any other operating system even from Microsoft that contains so many version. So, PC world has made a joke about that they have suggested some more versions and it seems that some readers also agree and they also think that it is funny.

Well, I do not know about you but I feel that Microsoft should have another extra version for the third world countries. In many countries of Asia and Africa, many people are eager to use original software but they are forced to boy pirated version of windows operating system simply because they can not afford to buy. If they can come with a basic version of Windows 7 for the developing countries and keep the price really very inexpensive then I think that it will be a very good thing. So, I want Microsoft to take note of this matter and come up with them extremely inexpensive version even it can just do some basic functions. Reality is that most people don’t make to do higher work. They are happy just by some word processing and internet browsing related activities.

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