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3.5G-equipped Eee PC 1003HA and T91 with Win 7; 1000HG WiMAX Ready


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ASUS has chosen its two upcoming Eee PC 1003HA and Eee PC T91 netbooks to be its first mobile devices to run Windows 7 Beta.

The 3.5G-equipped Eee PC 1003HA and Eee PC T91 will be among the world’s first to boast 3.5G capabilities designed around Windows 7 mobile broadband architecture.

The Eee PC 1003HA is a slim device with a 10” LED-backlit display that comes with 160GB of hard disk storage and an additional 10GB of online Eee Storage. It is slated for sale exclusively through telecommunications carriers.

The Eee PC T91 tablet netbook features a 8.9- inch rotatable touchscreen

Sascha from Netbook News.de has evaluated the added a friendly-touch graphical user interface that Asus has added to this netbook recently. Also, he thinks the manufacturing quality of this netbook is remarkable comparing to Gigabyte M912 tablet.

Asus has tried to make its tablet more fashionable and portable than other Eee PC netbooks. Actually, Eee PC t91 is thinner (about 1-inch thick), smaller and lighter than other Eee PC netbooks. In the following Apple’s Mac Air, T91 comes with non-removable battery! Well, I really don’t know why Asus has tried this kind of battery. Because the experience of Mac Air or latest 17-in MacBook Pro has showed that consumers don’t admire this kind of battery. This dissatisfaction even forced Apple to release a battery replacement for MacBook Pro 2009 to give calm and confident to its consumers.

T91 netbook features Intel’s Atom Z520 processor, 1GB of RAM, 2 USB ports, SIM card slot and a DVB-T TV tuner and GPS. The T91 comes with new “chiclet” keyboard that has flatter keys. In this keyboard the right shift key has been repositioned.

ASUS also revealed Eee PC 1000HG with both WiMAX and Wi-Fi capabilities.

It will feature IEEE 802.16e; WAVE2 and Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n support in the 2.4GHz~2.7GHz and 5.1GHz~5.8GHz bands.

WiMAX is the next-generation of Wireless connectivity developing by Clearwire and its major investors Intel and Google. It is claimed that WiMAX is able to provide “wireless Internet service five times faster than the network used by Apple Inc.’s iPhone 3G”, according to the source. However, there is not hope to see the enough expansion of this network because of economic recession and $2 billion funding gap the company is struggling to fill.

In USA, WiMAX service is currently available in few regions including Baltimore and Portland, and Oregon. However the company is planning to start selling the service from the first half of 2010 through the brands of its investors such as Verizon Wireless, co- owned by Verizon Communications Inc. and Vodafone Group Plc.

Different models of Asus Eee PC netbooks don’t often have a lot of differences in terms of feature set and design. However, Asus is trying to offer different special features on its different Eee PC netbooks. For instance, Eee PC 1000H-X featuring 10.2 inch, 1024 x 600 pixel display, a 160GB hard drive is the first netbook to offer pre-installed Microsoft Office Personal 2007.

Asus As launched Eee PC 1000H-X netbook in Japan with the price tag of 57,800 yen ($617USD). Rest of Eee PC netbooks are pre-loaded with Sun’s StarOffice suite.

Staroffice comes equipped with Microsoft Office or free open source OpenOffice.org. This free software works very nice, but sometimes your information may get lost while editing a word document or an Excel document in translation, according to liliputing.

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