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Acer Aspire One Coming with 11.6-inch Display


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The next laptop from Acer’s Aspire One line up would fall in between Netbook and Notebook categories. Acer has so far launched 2 netbooks in its Aspire One line up and is now planning to release a laptop with 11.6 inch display, a feature rarely found in Netbook. The 11.6-inch screen will offer 1366 x 738 resolution which is also very close to a standard laptop. Powered by Intel Atom Z530 processor, the laptop is expected to feature GMA500 integrated graphics and Intel SCH USW15S motherboard. VGA and Ethernet will also be available in this Aspire One laptop. Though the price is not yet confirmed, it is expected to be less than $500 in what would make it a lucrative deal for the laptop users. The company has not announced a deadline for the next Acer Aspire One laptop.

So, you can neither call it a netbook nor a notebook as its features reportedly overlaps both the categories. To be honest, I think, it could be an attractive laptop for those who are looking for large screen ultra-portable available for a netbook price range. So, much of its success would depend on its pricing.

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