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Acer targeting High School Market for its Netbooks


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Sometimes I feel that the ongoing global economic recession is actually helping netbook makers like Asus and Acer. Acer is now the market leader in netbook segment. I have this feeling because now, I could find a news report that Acer has taken an initiative to make its netbooks popular among teachers and students in school level. It’s indeed some surprising to me because nowadays, most companies are trying to cut down on their cost and are not giving any attractive new offers are not starting any larger scale campaign. The idea is very cool and attractive: Acer is giving attractive alternative to the schools but not directly. But it will run the campaign by its channel partners.

The channel partners we’ll try to convince a school and offer the school a 30 day trial of using Acer netbooks. After the trial period finishes, the schools can either by the laptops or can decide not to continue it anymore. If the school agrees to buy some netbooks from Acer then they will get a very good discount. Acer will also help about school lab. You may wonder what channel partners will get? Of course, they will get good commission from the company but at the same time, they have something attractive for them too. They will enjoy a trip to a Caribbean country.

Well, there is nothing for me in this campaign but I am happy that tomorrow there will be a match in Champions league, Arsenal vs Roma and I will enjoy it because I am a big Arsenal fan.

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