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Dell Challenges Psion over Netbook Trademark


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Laptop maker Dell has been involved in a dispute with Psion, a consumer hardware company, over the trademark right of ‘netbook’. Psion is reportedly the first company that used the term Netbook which is now used to refer a separate line of laptops that are small in size and cost effective. Psion registered the trademark of Netbook in different regions and used the term Netbook for its product, ‘Psion netBook’, but the production of the product was stopped in 2003, and in the same year, Psion came up with another product named ‘NETBOOK PRO’.

Recently, Dell filed a petition to the US Patent Office, claiming to withdraw the trademark right of Netbook from Psion. Dell has said that Psion’s original netbook has been out of production for a long time now and the company has no plan to start production again. Herb Turzer, Psion senior product manager, had earlier claimed that the company actively used the term Netbook in until 2005, but Dell dismissed this claim, and accusing Mr. Turzer of lying in the sense that Psion’s last product Netbook Pro, which carried the word Netbook, came in 2003. Dell thinks that Psion has lost the control of its trademark right for Netbook and claims that the word Netbook should be allowed to be used by any company.

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