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HP: Windows 7 in Netbooks will Happen


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A few days ago, I was wondering whether Windows 7 will be used in netbooks or not. Today, I was happy to see that HP is going to bring Windows 7 operating system in netbooks. In fact, 3 versions will come- Professional and Home Premium and Starter editions. Some people are a bit worried whether Windows 7 will run smoothly in netbooks as you that because of the price factor, netbooks have limited capacity in terms of processing power, memories and storage. So, Windows 7 may put some strong pressure on the machines. However, experts in HP feel that it wont be problem for Mini netbooks from the company.

Well, Microsoft is giving any extra incentives for netbook makers to put Windows 7. Still, companies like HP are optimistic that they will be able to capitalize on the power that the new version will bring.

In the time of economic recession, the demand for low cost laptops will only rise. HP is trying to take this market segment very seriously because already, Acer and Asus have experienced tremendous success and have emerged as market leaders. The announcement from HP to use Windows 7 will surely make many consumers happy.

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