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Intel Discloses 32nm product roadmap; 32nm Chip Demonstrated In a Video


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Intel President and CEO Paul Otellini yesterday announced the company would spend $7 billion over the next two years to build advanced manufacturing facilities in the United States. Today Intel demonstrated a demo of 32nm upcoming Westmere chip which is based on Nehalem. Also, the Company released the product roadmap.

Thanks to Engadget for summarizing the press release. Here I am mentioned a rundown of the original content:

Demonstration of a working 32nm-based microprocessor:

-Intel’a the first 32nm working microprocessor is applying in both next-gen mobile and desktop systems.

-Westmere mobile and desktop processors are slated to be debuted in the fourth quarter of 2009

- 32nm carries improved performance and more power flexibility

-Intel will emply processors based on Westmere in mobile, desktop and server computer segments.

Clients will experiment Nehalem by Westmere through Intel's mainstream processor product line:

- Smaller processor core size but increased performance

-New multi-chip package consisting of processor cores built-on 32nm second generation high-k metal gate process, integrated graphics controller and memory controller based on 45nm high-k metal gate process,

-Repartitioned system architecture, simplified motherboards

- expect 32nm in server market in 2010

Westmere key features:

-Intel Turbo Boost technology

-Intel Hyper-Threading technology (2 Cores, 4 threads)

-Integrated graphics, discrete/switchable graphics support

-4MB cache, Integrated Memory Controller (IMC) – 2ch DDR3

AES Instructions

-The 32nm process with second-generation high-k + metal gate transistor era begins

Intel expects to deliver new generations of advanced process technology on a 2-year cadence.

You can watch the demo in Intel website.

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