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Microsoft Launches $30 Laptop Cooling Device


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Cooling device is very important for personal computer, be it a desktop or laptop computer. Considering the importance of a cooling device, Microsoft has introduced a new cooling device for laptop computer. It is the first Cooling Base for notebook from Microsoft. The stand is one-inch think and comes with a built-in fan which would keep your laptop cooler. The cooling stand receives power through USB port. The cooling device will be available in two colors: white and black, and it will be launched in the US Market in July with a price tag of $30 (£22).

The cooler device is the latest product from the hardware unit of Microsoft. Microsoft hardware unit is well-known for mice and keyboards. In fact, the company has launched new colors for its £49 Arc Mouse. The new colors include deep olive green, shades of frost white, eggplant purple and marine blue which will add to its current red and black colored mouse.

Microsoft on Tuesday also announced new colours for its trendy-looking Arc Mouse. Later this month, the £49 mouse will be available in the shades of frost white, eggplant purple, deep olive green and marine blue. It is already on the market in red and black.

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