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Microsoft Targets Mac Laptops in the time of Economic Recession


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Even if you are the most die hard Apple fan, still you have to agree with me and many other people that Apple products are very expensive. Of course, you can give me this logic that quality comes to a certain price and I accept your argument. However, this is the time of economic recession and most people are not looking to buy expensive things. So, Microsoft has come out with an interesting advertisement to show people that Macbooks are expensive.

Well, I think that this is a very good a strategy from Microsoft but at the same time I cannot raise them for this kind of advertisement during that time of economic recession. But most people are worried about their future and jobs and That is why it is not a good idea to play with their emotion.

Microsoft officials should remember that if the consumers really want to save some money on technology budget then they should go for linux operating system which is free. Why should they pay $300.00 or even more for windows operating system and Microsoft office when you can get open office at the free of cost.

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